during your time in France

Art Instruction

You will be provided with your own personal studio space and will

have the opportunity to work in the following mediums:

  • Oil, Acrylic, & Watercolor Painting
  • Drawing, Pastel, Chalk, etc.
  • Printmaking
  • Sign Making
  • Sculpture
  • Photography (dark room developing)
  • Collage, Mixed Media

​In addition to creating Art, there will be a variety of other offerings for you and/or your partner to partake in as you balance your creative side with the beauty, culture, excitement, and relaxation that only Les Tapies and the South of France can provide.  Different activities will be offered daily and you will have the option to jump in or pass and spend some time walking the countryside or relaxing by the pool.

​​Daily Activities:

  • Variety of Art options
  • ​Yoga
  • Walk to the village or St. Pierreville and the Sunday market
  • Hike to Lone Tree for photography, drawing, or a picnic
  • Cooking classes with our guest chef
  • Antiquing with our resident antique expert
  • Vineyard tour
  • Wine tasting 


Once you arrive at Les Tapies, it will be difficult to pull yourself away from our breathtaking mountainside stone hamlet, but there is much to explore in the Ardeche and Provence.  Local explorations and excursions are a integral part of this 10 day experience to immerse yourself in the culture of the South of France.  Here are a few examples of  possible full day and half day excursions to which you can look forward...

Aix-en-Provence - including visits to the studio of Paul Cezanne, the Musée Granet, the Hotel de Caumont Art Centre, and Roman aqueduct Pont du Gard

L'Abbey Mazan - The ruin of a 12th century Cistercian monastery high in the Ardeche Mountains

Medieval hill towns of Beauchastel and Chalencon, both given the highest distinction of "Village de Caractère"